For Those Who Have Lost

This post is for the vast majority of people in this world who have lost. Actually I think every single person on this planet has lost something or someone to some extent at some point in time.

We have all lost in many ways. We have lost jobs, homes, friends, family and even pieces of ourselves.

When we lose something of so much value to us it creates a hole in our soul. A tear that will never fully heal, a crater that will never fully be filled.

We mourn these losses and that is okay. That is normal. It is the human way. We grieve for our losses in our lives because in the process we also lose a piece of ourselves. A piece that despite how hard we may try is never replaceable.

People die. It is life and nothing will ever change that. Some people die too soon. Too many people die too soon.

However we, those who continue to survive, cannot mourn forever. First off, it is not what our loved ones would want. Secondly, even though they may be gone the truth is a part of them lives on in you.

They took a piece of you when they left this world but the remarkable thing is that you also took a piece of them. A piece that will live on forever in your heart. A piece of their soul that will imprint on your mind and weave into the matrices of your bones.

People may die but their soul, their memory lives on forever in those that they loved and who loved them.

That is why we need to continue to live after we have suffered a tragic loss, no matter how hard it is, because now we are no longer living life for ourselves but for them too.

Every time we step outside on a sunny day and let the sun shine on our face they feel it. They feel the sand in between our toes as ocean waves wash over them on a summer day.

When you wake up to the chirping of birds as the sun rises across the horizon, they hear it. When you listen to a child’s first cry of life on this earth they hear it.

Most importantly when you accomplish something challenging they see it and even though they may be gone in the earthly sense they still grow with you.

When you live they continue to live.

That is why it’s our responsibility, the survivors, to stop being “survivors” and start being “livers”. We carry with us everything that we have lost in life but because it is never really gone.

Matter cannot be created or destroyed. It just changes forms and transfers it’s energy to other sources. The ones we have lost transfer their energy and their soul to the stars, to the Earth and most importantly to you.

So on the days that seem a little harder than others to get up, to get moving, to get living, remember you are not only living for yourself. You are now living for every person in this world who cannot. Just like one day you will live on in the hearts, bodies, souls and minds of others.

It is for all these reasons and many more that it is crucial to never let dying stop you from living.


2 responses to “For Those Who Have Lost

    • You don’t have to thank me for anything Judy. You have given me so much. Thank you for helping make me into the person I am today 🙂


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